The Agiba PVT panels probably work slightly differently than you are used to with solar panels.

The solar panels of this brand are the source of heat for your heat pump.

That may sound strange at first sight, but you can save the costs of digging a huge well in your garden, the so-called geothermal source. Digging up to hundreds of meters deep to provide you with a geothermal source can easily cost 20- € 25,000. Of course, not everyone has such a budget at their disposal.

Agiba Plug & Play

With the Agiba Plug & Play solar panels you can skip this step completely. These solar panels are sufficient even in the winter for the production of heat and energy. This also avoids most of the disadvantages of standard PVT panels.

What exactly are PVT panels?

For those who ask themselves: PVT panels produce heat as well as electricity, whereas standard solar panels only produce electricity. The advantage of this is that the heat generated can be sent directly to a heat pump. An additional advantage is that this cools the solar panels at the same time, which ensures a better return. PVT panels are also called thermal solar collectors, combination panels, thermal solar panels or hybrid panels.

Do PVT panels also have disadvantages?

There is of course not just a kind of PVT panel for sale, but a whole range of diversity. In most cases, the hybrid panels are used to heat a buffer tank filled with water. In the winter if the PVT panels do not reach the correct temperature, which causes problems, but also in the summer when the buffer tank has quickly reached its maximum temperature, the thermal solar collectors will automatically be switched off, which of course is not good for efficiency. Buying Agiba PVT panels therefore prevents these types of problems in addition to the fact that you spend a lot less in total for your energy transition.

Purchase Agiba PVT panels

We quickly go through all the benefits of the Agiba panels.

Payback time PVT panels

The payback time of your PVT panels in case the Agiba PVT panels are used is much lower than with the use of regular PVT panels. The reason for this is of course that you do not have to have a geothermal source digged.

PVT panels insulation

Most standard PVT panels are insulated at the rear, where the PVT panels of the Agiba Plug & Play type are not insulated. The result of this is that you are served with optimum electrical efficiency not only in the winter but also in the summer months.

Agiba PVT panels price

Using PVT panels as a source for a heat pump is much cheaper than installing an expensive geothermal source. Digging up to hundreds of meters deep naturally entails high costs.

Winter temperatures

Agiba PVT panels were therefore without the sun shining and at temperatures far below zero, to around 8 ° below zero. This is possible because the heat pump contributes to the process.

Aesthetic point of view

The Agiba PVT panels look no different than standard PV panels. So you can use them in combination with PV panels so that everything looks the same. Also, installing solar collectors is not necessary with PVT panels.

Efficiency PVT panels

You save on your gas bill and on your electricity bill at the same time. In case you have underfloor heating, you will save around 90% on your gas bill. In principle you can generate your entire electricity requirement yourself. An additional advantage with new-build homes is that gas is completely unnecessary.

Information / Quotation

Buying Agiba PVT panels is certainly one of the best solutions for a cheap energy extraction without having to have a huge starting capital. If you want to know more about the Agiba PVT solar panels, we will give you free telephone advice or record the situation at your home to be able to make a concrete proposal.

Agiba Plug & Play

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