Which heat pump to buy, briefly explained

Buying a heat pump is not a simple task for everyone. There are many different models and the way in which a heat pump is used often varies. The state of your home and your personal preferences play a role in making the right choice. Good advice is important if you are going to buy a heat pump. We offer you tailor-made advice by coming to see the situation on site. We advise you regarding the installation of the heat pump and also which model suits you best.

The heat pump system consists of two different parts in practical terms. That is in the first place the heat pump itself and in addition the delivery system. For efficient operation of your system, these two components must be properly adjusted to each other during installation. It is also important that your heat pump system is adjusted to the rest of the situation in your home. We are talking about, for example, a solar boiler, a peak boiler or a ventilation system. As an expert, we give you the best advice with regard to installation and with regard to purchasing a heat pump.


There are three different sources that can be used. The fuel that will be used for the heat pump depends on the source. In short, the three options are water, air and heat. We try to make the decision which type of heat pump you purchase a little easier for you by briefly explaining the three different systems below.

    1. Heat pump with air as fuel. If you were looking for a cheap heat pump, this system is immediately eligible. A disadvantage is that this type of heat pump can only heat a room in your house. Its operation is about the opposite of an air conditioning. The heat pump sucks air from outside to inside which is heated on the way by the heat exchanger.
    2. Heat pump with water as fuel. Important for this system is that there is a small river, ditch near your house from where water can be drawn to your heat pump. There the water is purified and heated and led to your radiators, which thus heat your house. With this system you can therefore heat your entire house. This is a less cheap heat pump than that on air, but certainly affordable.
    3. Heat pump with heat as fuel (brine heat pump). If you can spend 10- € 15,000 to drill a well, you can start using this system with the highest efficiency, but it is certainly not the cheapest heat pump for purchase. The water is raised from the well at a depth of 5-7 m with antifreeze. With this system, antifreeze heats the water in your boiler, which will eventually heat your home.



Note that if you buy a heat pump you do not spend a lot of money unnecessarily. A mistake that many buyers make of heat pumps is that they purchase a pump that has too large a capacity. The result is that your tap water becomes piping hot and the temperature in your home is uncomfortably warm. It is important to calculate in advance which assets are best for your home. Of course, a union with less capital also costs less. So that way you save money and you avoid a lot of problems when buying your heat pump.

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If you would like to know a lot more about the various options for your house with regard to heat pumps, you can always send us a message with your questions without obligation. If you want to be called back, please indicate this, we will gladly do that. Add the best time and day for you.