Buying a PVT solar panel system is best done after having been thoroughly informed

Buying PVT panels will give you double the profit. They not only generate electricity for you, but also heat your water. The combination of generating solar heat and solar energy came on the market in 2012. The T na PV in PVT stands for termic energy or heat. There are mainly advantages to PVT panels, although there are also a few negatives. Read on and make sure you know everything about these panels before you buy them.

When using PVT panels, the loss of roof area is minimal because the solar collector is integrated in the solar panels for the thermal part. The solar cells produce better because they are cooled in the winter and therefore work more efficiently in the summer. This benefits electricity production to such an extent that the electricity yield is 5-10% higher. Buying PVT panels, however, comes with many more benefits.

The energy yield per square meter for this type of solar energy system is significantly higher than that for other types of panels. In this way you use the surface of your roof much more efficiently. If you decide to buy PVT panels, you will soon realize that they are more effective in terms of solar power than the solar panels you have known so far.

The benefits of PVT panels

With PVT you do not spend money on gas, which increases the yield since the costs for gas are higher than for electricity. One of the best known advantages of buying PVT panels is that they generate heat as well as electricity.

Another advantage of PVT panels is that heat is taken away by the solar collectors under the PV part of the panel. In this way the PV part at the bottom is cooled, which has a positive effect on its efficiency.


A disadvantage of these types of panels is, of course, that because there are multiple components incorporated in a solar panel, the entire panel must be repaired or replaced if it should break. Logically, you also spend a little more money on purchasing the panels, although it is difficult to say that this is a disadvantage.

De thermische zonnecollectoren worden in veel gevallen gebruikt om een buffervat met water op te warmen. PVT-panelen die aan de achterkant geïsoleerd zijn, worden snel warm en dit heeft een negatief effect op het rendement van het paneel. Let daarom goed op wat voor merk en type PVT-zonnepanelen u koopt. Het kan in de winter zijn dat de thermische zonnecollectoren hun optimale temperatuur niet halen en hierdoor minder goed werken. In de zomer zal in het geval er een buffervat gebruikt wordt, dit vat snel opgewarmd zal zijn waarna de thermische zonnecollectoren zichzelf uit zullen schakelen.

PVT solar panels linked to a heat pump

The best PVT solar panels that you can buy are therefore not insulated at the rear. It is also a much better system to have a heat pump linked to the panels than a buffer tank. So we are not talking about an heat pump with an expensive system that is placed hundreds of meters deep in your garden but a heat pump that is directly connected to your solar panels. With this system, most of the disadvantages mentioned here of standard PVT panels no longer apply.

PVT solar panels buy planning

Regardless of the situation at home and the system that you want to use, it is very difficult to decide on your own exactly what to buy. Our team of experts in the field of solar panels can provide you with a few simple questions by telephone to answer a lot of questions that you are concerned with. If you decide to call us for information, this is of course entirely without obligation and you are under no obligation.

PVT solar panels are sometimes called differently. A number of synonyms are: solar panels with thermal solar collectors, combi panels, hybrid panels, and thermal solar panels.

PVT hybrid collector

Hybrid PVT example


If you would like to know a lot more about the various options for your house with regard to PVT-panels, you can always send us a message with your questions without obligation. If you want to be called back, please indicate this, we will gladly do that. Add the best time and day for you.