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Agiba Heating specializes in all forms of energy transition throughout the Netherlands.

That therefore applies both to the energy transition for your home but also to complete energy transition at companies. Agiba Heating works closely with many municipalities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort, The Hague and various Frisian municipalities.

What is energy transition?

Since not everyone knows exactly what energy transition is, we first give a brief description of this. Energy transition is the transition from the use of gas and oil to more modern forms of energy such as geothermal heat, sun and wind. In principle, it is the intention of the government in the Netherlands by 2050 that the vast majority of homes and businesses have made this switch.

Questions related to the energy transition

If you would just give us a call, we can actually provide you with energy transition advice. At the moment, in this article we are discussing a number of questions that many people are concerned with.

Question 1

Is the energy transition not normal for the richest people and are the costs around € 30,000 per home? No, in many cases the costs are much lower. For example, when using a cheap type of heat pump, the costs can be limited to 5000- € 7000.

Question 2

If people want to take full advantage of the opportunities that the energy transition has, thousands of euros will be spent. Is it true that in principle they will never be earned back? The costs for energy transition are indeed recouped. For example, with solar panels, a sloppy € 6,000 is spent for 15 solar panels, saving significantly on standard energy costs. These should be recouped after about five years. That means that after those five years you start to make a profit as long as there is no need to replace solar panels.

Question 3

How does that all work with this CO2 tax? They want to achieve a serious CO2 reduction worldwide. To achieve this, serious investments must be made, which is certainly not feasible in poorer countries at the moment. If we limit ourselves to the Netherlands, the short-term goal is a 14.3 billion kilo reduction. The CO2 tax must make it so expensive for companies that they would like to switch to clean energy. This is of course a complete corruption and a great way to make money for the government. We will not go into this further in this article.

Our personal opinion regarding the energy transition

We as Agiba Heating are in the business and earn on the energy transition, so in our opinion it is logically a good thing. On the other hand, it is of course not as simple as the governments would like. There are many different methods for switching to green energy such as wind energy, solar energy, biogas and geothermal energy. Each of these solutions comes with obstacles and advantages and disadvantages that are also very local. A number of the bottlenecks that form an obstacle are often the social impact, the infrastructure, the various techniques and the costs that it entails.

In the Netherlands there is enough capital to actually carry out the energy transition. The easiest way is to equip new-build homes in such a way that clean energy is used. The costs of converting existing homes are of course much higher, which means that the government is happy to subsidize installation of heat pumps and solar panels in new-build homes.

Are you ready for the energy transition? We would be happy to visit your home or your company to accurately assess your personal situation and thus provide you with personal energy transition advice. We will discuss with you which techniques we can best use, partly based on your budget. Even if you only want some advice by telephone quickly, you can call us whenever you want.

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If you would like to know a lot more about the various options for your house with regard to the energy transition, you can always send us a message with your questions without obligation. If you want to be called back, please indicate this, we will gladly do that. Add the best time and day for you.