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Explanation for all different types of heat pumps

The price of a heat pump depends on the type of pump you are going to use, but in short, the heat pump costs that you have to calculate between 4000 and 25000 euros. Below we work out the exact costs for you per type of heat pump.

The cheapest solution is a hybrid heat pump, which you already have from an amount of between € 4000-5000 and this includes the boiler plus installation. In the event that money does not play a role, you may be more interested in a ground-water heat pump with a price of up to around € 25,000. The heat pump costs for the boiler and the installation are then already included.


Below we give you a brief overview of the costs you can count on for the different types of heat pumps:

Heat pump type
Price + installation
 Heat pump air-water
 € 10.000 - € 15.000
 Heat pump air-air
 € 4.000 - € 8.000
  Heat pump ground-water
 € 15.000 - € 25.000
  Heat pump water-water
 € 15.000 - € 20.000
  Heat pump hybrid
 € 5.000 - € 7.000


In case your home is not optimally insulated and was built a while ago, you could consider a hybrid heat pump. This type of heat pump is often used for existing homes since they are particularly suitable for this, have low start-up costs and are very efficient. As mentioned earlier in the table, the costs for this type of heat pump are only € 4000-7000 with boiler and installation.

If you are interested in buying a heat pump, just give us a call because we can give you the exact price for your home based on a few simple questions. Our heat pump cost expert is ready for you. In many cases people buy a heat pump with a much too high capacity, so unnecessary extra costs. By obtaining professional advice, you can save up to 30% of your money in some cases.


In short, a heat pump supplies your home with heat that is extracted elsewhere. Both the air in your house and the radiators and tap water can be heated in this way. A heat pump can also be used together with a PVT solar-system. There are quite a few different types that all have a different price. Below we give you a brief explanation of the different types with the prices that you can expect.

Air-to-water heat pump

This type of heat pump takes its heat from the outside air. The supplied heat is then used for heating your tap water and home. A major advantage of the air-water heat pump is that no drilling is required for the installation, which keeps installation costs low. A good quality air-to-water heat pump will cost you around € 10,000.

Air-to-air heat pump

This type of heat pump also has the outside air as a source for its heat. The air-to-air heat pump is characterized by its low price and also low installation costs. This type of heat pump is suitable for heating homes and other buildings. With the installation costs already included, you spend around € 4000-8000 for a good quality system.

Ground-water heat pump

The ground-water heat pump extracts heat from the soil, as its name suggests. The installation of a pipe network is necessary for this. There are two different systems, namely a horizontal pipe network and a vertical pipe. With the horizontal network, the pipes are laid at a depth of approximately 1.5 m. The heat pump costs of this system for installation are between € 2000-4000. It must be said that this type takes up a lot of space.

The construction of a vertical pipe system is considerably more expensive since the pipes will be installed at a depth of between 50-200 m. The prices for the installation of this type are 5000-6000 euros. The benefits are a much higher return and the vertical version saves space. The groundwater heat pump is very expensive anyway, think of an amount of 15000-25000 euros.

Water-to-water heat pump

For the water-water heat pump, deep holes have to be drilled into the ground since it uses groundwater. This system is characterized by a high efficiency but also high installation costs. The heat pump costs plus installation will cost you around 15000-20000 euros.

Heat pump hybrid

The hybrid system is suitable for every home with a gas connection. The system itself consists of a gas boiler and a heat pump. The hybrid heat pump system draws its heat from ventilation or outside air, and will switch to the gas boiler if it is very cold to prevent a low heat pump efficiency. This system is very efficient and will cost you around 5000-7000 euros.

Extra about heat pump costs

With some more expensive systems, installation costs make up a large part of the total heat pump costs. This is especially the case with water-water and ground-water heat pump systems. The costs are mainly due to the pipe system which has to be installed deep in the ground. The installation of this pipe system is not an easy task and you should look for a real specialist to prevent problems despite the high costs.

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