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Installing a heat pump causes a lot of inconvenience

Save on the electricity bill

When installing a heat pump a lot is involved, but you also have a large number of benefits. That way you spend significantly less money on electricity if you are going to buy a heat pump. It is even possible to spend absolutely nothing on electricity. You can read more here about the costs for different heat pump systems.

The installation of a heat pump generally causes considerable nuisance since deep wells have to be dug in the gardens around your house. New rules apply to new-build homes, but we assume that this is an existing home.

Install heat pump for an existing home

You should seriously consider the following points before installing a heat pump in an existing home. There are quite a few different heat pumps and if you want to experience as few problems as possible, it is best to choose a hybrid heat pump.

1) To begin with, the biggest problem is the aforementioned excavations of very deep wells near your home.

2) Most heat pumps are at least the size of a large refrigerator and you will have to think carefully where it can best be placed.

3) You probably already have radiators in your home, but these are generally not suitable for use with a heat pump. So you will have to purchase completely new radiators for the entire house.

4) A problem that mainly occurs in older homes is that the insulation should be adapted to the low temperature heating.

5) To keep the noise level of the heat pump as low as possible, it is best to place it in an enclosed space. This space can then be well insulated to reduce noise pollution. Also remember not to use hard but flexible hoses as this reduces the noise level even more.

6) With an old-fashioned central heating system, the home can be quickly heated or cooled. This is not the case with a heat pump. The temperature must remain as even as possible regardless of whether it is day or night.

7) Your heat pump should have enough capacity. If this is not the case, the compressor will have to get started, which will raise your electricity level considerably.

Install your heat pump yourself

We will immediately help you out of your dream because of the construction of one heat pump is only possible for certified installers. It is such a difficult task that it is strongly discouraged to do this yourself. What you can do yourself is to make room in the boiler room of your house so that the heat pump that is the size of an American refrigerator can be placed there by the installer.

Insulating your home

Probably your home was well insulated because it doesn't matter how you heat your home, having good insulation has always been very important. But in the event that a few things have to be done about the insulation of your home, this is of great importance when installing a heat pump because of the fact that a constant temperature must be maintained.
Before you start insulating, it is certainly a good idea to seek insulation advice. In this way you are aware of the ultimate return on your investment.

Heat pump costs

We have taken over the phenomenon of heating houses with a heat pump from the Scandinavian countries, Germany and Switzerland. Installing a gas network has always been a problem in these countries, giving them the idea of heat pumps. Today, the heat pump system is also becoming extremely popular in the Netherlands. In fact, from 2018 new-build homes may no longer have a gas connection from the government.
Heat pumps are certainly not cheap and it is best to inform yourself well in advance not to spend too much money. The prices of heat pumps and the different systems that are involved vary widely. Buying a heat pump is a big investment. It is therefore best to get professional advice as to which system is best for your personal situation before you install a heat pump.

Hybrid heat pump existing home

Heat pump drilling


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