On the heating side, 2Power is also used as a classic thermal collector for hot water generation and for heating support. This has been implemented in many projects. At the same time, the 2Power systems provide valuable electricity to power the household. For example, our 2Power customer Hünig alone could save more than € 600 electricity costs in the summer for the production of hot water.


Technical data

The Hünig family operates a wood-burning stove that charges two 1000 liters of storage tanks for the heating of buildings during the heating season. One of the two storage tanks is also used for the preparation of hot water. Because the wood-chip boiler has not been fired in the course of the summer, the hot water preparation had to be done electrically with a heating element during this time. This is now fully taken over by the 2Power system. Because the electric heating element remains switched off, the Hünig family saves more than € 600 per year. At the same time, the modules generate more than 4,200 kWh of electricity per year, which is used for the household, which further reduces the electricity costs of the Hünig family. The feed-in tariff for the excess electricity of the 2Power plant creates an additional source of income.

Technical information

18 pieces 2Power
electrical power: 4.68 kWp
thermal power: 12.94 kWp
Buffer storage: 2x 1000l
Boiler boiler 50 kW